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Listen to the sound of 28 clarinets and saxes, all played by Eugene Marquis, and stunningly recorded.

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Listen to some brief clips from Eclectic Clarinets. Here's the program in mp3 files optimized for fast download on all platforms. Need an mp3 player? Use WinAmp for Windows, including NT; use SoundApp for the Macintosh; and try the built-in players for Linux and Unix platforms.

Recording quality was a prime goal for the project. No compression, expansion, or other signal processing were used, and everything before the final transfer to CD was done in analog, using tubed McIntosh equipment and Neumann microphones, for the most lifelike sound possible. The recording truly shows all the nuances of a live performance.

Overture to the Marriage of Figaro  
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring  
Prelude & Fugue in C minor (Bach)  
Serenade, Op.7 (Strauss) (No sample available due to international copyright restrictions)
Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered  
Sarabande from 'Pour le Piano' (Debussy)  
Difference of Opinion  
Theme for the Big Band  
Groove Merchant  

Eclectic Clarinets is a critcally-acclaimed collection of classical, Broadway, and jazz pieces arranged for clarinet and saxophone ensembles. All of these works were played and recorded by one person, Eugene Marquis, a woodwind doubler living in Cincinnati, who plays 12 sizes of clarinets and saxophones on this disc. Using a multitracking technique in a 24-track studio, he has produced clarinet choirs of up to 28 parts. You will hear the entire clarinet family from Ab piccolo to the mighty BBb contrabass and saxophones from soprano to baritone in such pieces as the Overture to "Marriage of Figaro." On "Groove Merchant," Marquis is joined by the all-star rhythm section of Cincinnati's Blue Wisp Big Band.

About Eugene Marquis

Eugene Marquis is a professional musician living in Cincinnati, Ohio. He earned the Bachelor of Music degree from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio; his Master's degree is from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and he counts David Hite, Robert Marcellus, Richard Waller, Emil Schmachtenberg, and Carmine Campione among his principal teachers. He has played with the Cincinnati Symphony and the Cincinnati Opera Orchestra for nearly 30 years, and with the Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra since 1975.

Marquis is an orchestral and studio woodwind doubler on 17 instruments and has played backup for an impressive roster of pop and jazz greats and for countless Broadway shows. He became involved with multitrack recording as the result of his experience recording commercial jingles for Cincinnati-area radio and television; this technique often requires him to play multiple wind parts.

The idea for a clarinet album began with Marquis's need to produce a demo tape for his commercial work, and as became more deeply involved, the scope of the project kept growing until he decided to release the music as an album on his own label (dubbed Grenadilla Records after the wood from which clarinets are made).

Though the finished recording is 38 minutes long, if you took all the separate tracks and spliced them end-to-end, you would get over 12 hours of music. It took more than 150 hours of studio time to get that 12 hours of finished tape, and the final mixdown process took an additional 20 hours in the studio. Start to finish, the project took three years, with Marquis often spending eight-hour days in the studio.

Critical Praise

Has flowed in from all over the world. Here are a few samples:

Erich Kunzel, music director, The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

"A must for every woodwind enthusiast's collection."

Gerry Mulligan, jazz great, saxophonist

"Your 'Eclectic Clarinets' is fantastic!

Eddie Daniels, clarinet virtuoso

"A monumental effort worthy of great praise."

American Record Guide, USA

"...A multi-track tour de force...the playing is expert. The sound of the recording is life-like and it captures the woodwind timbres nicely. Marquis has much to offer."

The Clarinet magazine, USA

" extremely interesting and unusual album...the result is "ensemble" playing in which perfect intonation, articulation and phrasing are in effect. Marquis' one-man clarinet simply superb...a veritable tour de force of technical virtuosity. By all means get this album. It has something to please everyone, and it also provides outstanding examples of ideal ensemble performance. I am happy to give this very original album my highest recommendation."

Winds magazine, Britain

"...what emerges is a clarinet choir par excellence....the whole is very is what an ensemble of separate players might strive for without ever actually succeeding."

Leblanc Bell, USA

"The album clearly demonstrates the versatility and range of the clarinet and should be treasured by any wind-music enthusiast. The recording is first-rate and the musicianship rock-solid."

Audio Magazine, USA

"These ensembles play more accurately together than most live musicians. The recording is of the highest tech. A technical miracle."

Cincinnati Enquirer

"What do 23 clarinets sound like? An organ made from a forest of ebony. Four stars."

Earl Hamner, creator of "The Waltons"

"Your 'Eclectic Clarinets' give a whole new and wonderful dimension to music I have already known and loved."

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Eugene Marquis is available for school and college clinics, recitals, and other performances. Performances on unusual instruments such as contrabass clarinet, Eb sopranino saxophone, and basset horn are a specialty. Please drop him a note at P.O. Box 19864, Cincinnati, OH 45219-0864 USA.

In the News:

We are looking for Van Doren #5 reeds for bass clarinet and for Eb soprano clarinet. If you have sealed, unopened boxes (only), please drop us a line with your price and quantity available. Send to Eugene Marquis, P.O. Box 19864, Cincinnati, OH 45219-0864 USA.